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2016 February 01 — 2020 March 31

The aim of the project is to eliminate the physical and mental segregation of the Roma community of Szúcs-Bagoly-lyuk settlement. The former miner settlement (appr. 300 habitants, 40 houses) located in the Northern part of Hungary is a typical Roma ghetto with its ‘typical’ social-economic problems. The habitants are excluded not only from the Hungarian […]

The second NGO Fund of the EEA/Norway Grants

2013 January 01 — 2017 April 30

The overall objective of the Hungarian NGO Fund is “strengthened civil society development and enhanced contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development” (in Hungary). Based on the donors’ decision, throughout the Fund special attention is given to human rights of minorities (including minorities on grounds of ethnic origin, religious affiliation, language use and sexual […]

The successful closing of the Swiss-Hungarian NGO Block Grant and Scholarship Fund   On Monday, 12 October 2015 the three-year programme of the Swiss-Hungarian NGO Block Grant and Scholarship Fund has been successfully completed with a closing conference held in Miskolc. There have been 111 projects (102 NGO grants and 9 scholarship schemes) implemented with […]

Summary of the project: The aim of the project is to create corporate social responsibility strategies that reflect the social micro-environment of the company and relate to social integration. CSR strategy planning is facilitated to allow active participation of the employees and to create strategies that go beyond donations. Working with three big companies, with […]

An aid program has began in 2010 in Hungary in order to promote the integration of people living in deep poverty and to reduce the deepening,  reproduction and territorial spread of deep poverty. The above objectives are planned to be achieved by the development of local community relations, by the adaptation of certain public services […]