Community development for the social inclusion of people living in deep poverty – TÁMOP 5.1.3.-09/1-2009-0002 – Autonómia

Community development for the social inclusion of people living in deep poverty – TÁMOP 5.1.3.-09/1-2009-0002

2010-03-31 -
Development Training Research

An aid program has began in 2010 in Hungary in order to promote the integration of people living in deep poverty and to reduce the deepening,  reproduction and territorial spread of deep poverty. The above objectives are planned to be achieved by the development of local community relations, by the adaptation of certain public services – such as social and health services as well as other forms of assistance for improving the situation of children – to local needs, and mobilizing the local population.

The program is co-financed by the European Social Fund. The program has two components, both rest on three pillars: social and community development as well as regional/rural development that are supplemented by additional human services.

Local organizations with experience in providing the above services can apply to the second component of the grant program with projects aimed at improving the situation of people living in deep poverty, while the task of the organizations implementing the first component is to provide professional support of the applicants of the second component.

The implementing organisations of the first component are the Autonomia Foundation, the Hungarian Association for Community Development, the Váti Hungarian Non-profit Ltd for Regional Development and Town Planning and the Alliance of Social Professionals, the lead organisation being the Autonomia Foundation. The task of the consortium is to provide professional support the implementing organisations of the second component to assure the successful realization of the local projects.

The organizations of the consortium represent the diversity that is expected of the projects of the second component as well as regards to the implementing professionals involved. Autonomia Foundation has expertise in supporting the development of the most disadvantaged regions, the Hungarian Association for Community Development has been working in community development, Váti has been involved in rural development, while the Alliance of Social Professionals has experience in the field of ​​social services.

The first phase of the project – during the application period of the second component – information days were held in the relevant regions to raise awareness of the program among the stakeholders and to provide support for the potential applicants. Interested applicants received local consultations to help the planning of the projects.

The successful candidates will sign a written agreement of cooperation and a joint work plan will be developed. All projects will be continuously followed up, regular on-site consultations will take place.

Our support includes the followings besides on-site consultations:

– Organising workshops on a quarterly basis to share experiences between geographically adjacent projects. Every half year nationwide, 2-day thematic workshops are also organized with the participation of all projects, based on important professional issues, raised by the projects.
– Opening and closing conference. An opening and a closing conference are organized with the participation of all the projects of the second component.

– Methodological guidelines. Easily understood, practical methodological guides prepared to directly help the implementation of the projects. Planned topics:

1. Community planning, community development, community work with people living in extreme poverty

2. The successful cooperation between social work, community development and rural development, for the social integration of the most disadvantaged groups.

3. The sustainable development of social services to include the most excluded groups.

– Professional publications will be compiled based on the above methodological guides, the conclusions of the local projects and the results of the impact assessment, aiming at the broader professional audience.

– Supervision. Each project team receives supervision on a monthly basis by supervisors rained and experienced in the field of social services.

– Trainings. Two longer – 60 hour – trainings are planned on the topics of community-based social services as well as financial awareness and debt management. Furthermore three shorter – 24 hour – courses will be organised on the most important issues of community development. The themes of the trainings are closely linked to the needs of the local projects.



Aczél Ágnes
social political expert
Ignácz József
media expert
Kósa Eszter
social poltical expert
Balázs Rózsa
technical coordinator


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