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Ágnes Kelemen

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The second NGO Fund of the EEA/Norway Grants

2013 January 01 — 2017 April 30

The overall objective of the Hungarian NGO Fund is “strengthened civil society development and enhanced contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development” (in Hungary). Based on the donors’ decision, throughout the Fund special attention is given to human rights of minorities (including minorities on grounds of ethnic origin, religious affiliation, language use and sexual […]

Integrom program

2014 January 01 — 2016 December 31

The aim of the program is to help educated young Roma to find employment in the private sector, at major companies, primarily in administrative positions. The initiative is born from a cooperation of the Boston Consulting Group and Autonomia Foundation. Our partners are various large firms open to hire more Roma employees. We help the […]

A Polgármesterek EU forrásokkal a romák integrációjáért program egy hálózati együttműködés. Olyan magyarországi településeket, polgármestereket fog egybe, akik a romák befogadása terén jó gyakorlatokkal rendelkeznek, illetve helyi tevékenységeiket szeretnék továbbfejleszteni. A program hátterét az a felismerés adta, hogy a Strukturális Alapok forrásai kevéssé jutnak el lokális szintre, ez fokozottan érvényes a társadalmi kirekesztettség terén. Az […]

Different People One Europe!

2008 December 31 — 2010 June 30

From January 2009 to July 2010, partners of the Pakiv European Network from Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany and Hungary developed and carried out the campaign, Different People. One Europe! The overall aim of the project was to promote intercultural un­derstanding and respect for diversity, especially with regards to Roma. The campaign employed a bot­tom-up approach, enabling […]

Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma

2009 February 01 — 2015 December 31

Why is this program needed? Surveys in Hungary have shown that only a fraction of the European funds targeting Roma integration reach the localities where most of the Roma live. What is the goal of this program? One of the goals is to bring these funds closer to the Roma communities. Our staff helps the […]

An aid program has began in 2010 in Hungary in order to promote the integration of people living in deep poverty and to reduce the deepening,  reproduction and territorial spread of deep poverty. The above objectives are planned to be achieved by the development of local community relations, by the adaptation of certain public services […]