About us – Autonómia

About us

One of the biggest societal challenges Hungary is facing is the creation of an inclusive national community, which also can give a better chance for marginalized Roma living in poverty. In addition to supported by central government programs, these processes should be implemented by local small communities.

After the change of regime in 1990 Autonomia was the first independent foundation, which initiated Roma and NGO development programs in Hungary.

The mission statement of the foundation: To support the creation of a just society whose members are free, actively and responsibly shape their fate and the fate of their communities.

The Foundation is an intellectual and practical workshop that

  • provides integration solutions based on equality, suggestions for forming Roma integration policies, and
  •  cooperates with small communities settlements and institutions, offers professional support, assists in trust and partnership building that are needed to advance.

Fundamental values


Our activities are based on dialogue and cooperation, we are open to new ideas and solutions.


Our organization is independent of any government, institutions or person: our activities are free and we pursue our goals along with democratic values and the principles of transparency.


We respect the needs and values of all stakeholders. We are impartial and prudent, doing our work with the best of our theoretical and practical knowledge.


“We think what we say. We do what we think”

We frankly face the difficulties we meet during our work, we speak about favorable and adverse influences and experiences, be it our own work, our partners or the broader social-political environment.


We always respect, appreciate and acknowledge our partners and their individual rights.

Our colleagues

Anna Makay
volunteer coordinator
András Nun
executive director (member of the board)

Our board

Tünde Buzetzky
member of the board
Anna Csongor
chair of the board
György Dudás
member of the board
Júlia Szalai
member of the board
Péter Szuhay
member of the board
Anna Belia
member of the supervisory body
János Wágner
member of the supervisory body
István Varga
chair of the supevisory body