Chance Bank – Autonómia

Chance Bank

2008-10-31 -
Donation Development Training Research

Summary of the project

Financial education and community building through group lending, with the help of local mentors. Groups of people mainly led by women are saving money on individual bank account as a common collateral of loans. The groups receive basic financial training and have the opportunity for financing small-scale community activities. The aim of the program is to improve financial culture of disadvantaged people in 10 small settlements by financial training, mentoring, supporting savings and providing group loans. The goal of the savings is to stabilise household finances or allow for investment in small property as opposed to support further consumption. Financial education curriculum had been developed by Autonómia Foundation.


  • Mikrohitel Zrt.
  • NOBA


  • Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Zrt.


Budget - own3000000