Autonomia 25 – Autonómia

Autonomia 25

2015-12-02 -
Donation Development Training Research

Our foundation was created at almost the same time as the End of Communism in Hungary. Autonomia was one of the first independent foundation, which initiated Roma and NGO development programs.

Although it is almost impossible to show everything about the last 25 years of Autonomia, but we wanted to give a little insight about the everyday work of the foundation. We demonstrated our activity and the current state of roma integration in Hungary via professional programs.

The programs were held at different locations in Budapest from the 5th of November, 2015 to the 12th of December, 2015.

Do you wonder what will Hungary look like in 25 years?

Would you like to try out community project planning at Autonomia?

Conversation with the presidents of the foundation.

Pecha Kucha Night Budapest Vol.46_Special Edition_ Autonomia 25

25 years old Gypsies talk about their and our 25 years


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