3rd round – Autonómia

3rd round


3rd round

The evaluation committees of the four thematic areas made their decision about the support or rejection of received proposals.

Out of the 172 proposals received, altogether 63 will be supported with a total of  954 350 EUR as follows:

Environment protection and sustainable development

Grants: 16 pcs 210 492 €

Civil liberties and capacity building

Grants: 12 pcs 160 979 €

Social cohesion, and health and childcare

Grants: 15 pcs 261 368 €

Cultural heritage

Grants: 20 pcs 321 511 €

Grants: 63 pcs 954 350€

List of the supported projects can be downloaded from among the documents.

Beyond the available EUR 935 314 the consortium used those funds too which remained from the previously funded projects that have reported less money than what they won. With this last round of grant applications the NGO Fund of the EEA/Norwegian Financial Mechanism has been completed, the available resources were distributed. At the same time we indicate here that the donor countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and the European Commission has signed a Memorandum of Understanding laying down the basic framework of the next financial period until 2014. However, the details of this cooperation will be further developed in the recipient countries, involving the Focal Point. Unfortunately, we do not know when this is expected. What is certain that the Financial Mechanism do prioritize to support civil organizations, however, we don't have any information about when, in what form it becomes a reality.