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Social Detective Games

2018-03-01 -

In the frame of the ‘Gamification 4 Inclusion and Active Citizenship’ project (2017-3-HU01-KA205-046883) we have developed the methodology of social detective games in the last years in professional cooperation with the Detectivity. In the creation of the methodology and its international dissemination our international partners: Institouto Erevnon PROMITHEAS from Cyprus, Infinite Opportunities Association from Bulgaria and Otevřená společnost, o.p.s. from Czech Republic participated, too.

In all partner countries new detective games have been developed with the training and cooperative planning involving vulnerable and main stream young people. These games brought the attention of the player youngsters on diverse social issues and groups, beside ensuring exciting experience of playing for them. In the frame of the project we ensured opportunity for participation for numerous youngsters in one of these games. The methodology of the social gamification focusing on informing and raising awareness of the young people is available in all languages of the partner countries and also in English. The description of the different games can be read in English and the language of the given country.

Methodology of Social Detective Games

The material starts with the presentation of innovative educational methods. It shows the main aspects of the work with vulnerable groups and the ones of the related social issues. Beside the methodology of general detective games, it also focuses on the specialities of social detective games. Pays attention on the processes of planning, realization, evaluation and follow-up and practical advices on these fields. We offer it to experts and organizations, who are active on the fields of youth work and non-formal education, who would like to learn a new method of gamification. In case of further question don’t hesitate to contact the experts of Autonomia Foundation and the Detectivity.

The methodology can be read in five languages:



Hungarian game

The “Bars” detective game gives an insight in the challenges of young disadvantaged Roma people living in small villages through the investigation of a crime case. The game can be ordered from the Detectivity for groups:

The description of the Hungarian game can be read in two languages:


Bulgarian Game

In the game ‘Has anyone seen Iskren?’ meanwhile the players try to find a missing man get in contact with visually impaired and Muslim people, and can also try numerous sports of bling people.

The description of the Bulgarian game can be read in two languages:


Czech game

‘The Romeo & Juliet of Holesovice’ invites the players for finding two lovers, who have been disappeared in an imaginal society, where the ones of big nose and the ones of big ears are in conflict with each other. The participants walk through Prague in order to figure out what has happened with the couple.

The description of the Czech game can be read in two languages:


Cypriot game

Another life’ focuses on the topics of migrants and refugees related to the investigation of the murder of a politician. The interactive game includes numerous theatrical elements.

The description of the Cypriot game can be read in two languages:



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