Complex social integration programme for people living in poor neigbourhoods of Dombóvár – Autonómia

Complex social integration programme for people living in poor neigbourhoods of Dombóvár

2017-09-01 -

The overall aim of the project is to strengthen the social integration of Roma and non-Roma populations living in Dombóvár’s segregated areas, especially in deep poverty, reducing their physical and social exclusion and exclusion, and eventually removing it.

The project will be implemented by a four-member consortium between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2020 for 36 months. The members of the consortium are: Dombóvár City Council as the consortium leader, Dombó-Land Land Development Ltd., Autonómia Foundation and Dombóvári Unified Human Service Provider.

The project is implemented in the most disadvantaged parts of the settlement, in a village, Mászlony, located six kilometers from the settlement center, as well as in the Szigetsor and Vasút neighborhoods. In these areas, 4.5% of the city’s population lives.

Autonómia organizes the implementation of innovative professional programs that we have been experimenting in other settlements over the past decades. Some of these are:

  • To strengthen local involvement, community workers, training civil activists through training them to reach locals
  • Regular community programs, using new-type of art workshops
  • After school learning program
  • Organization of peer mentor program
  • Career orientation for disadvantaged children
  • Financial education and community building methods
  • Employment, a job promotion program involving companies

Organically related to these developments, community spaces and social rental housing contributing to integration are also built on another of the programs that the city has applied for.

The greatest challenge for such a job is to acquire the support of the majority society. We made four little films with children about how they live, what their everyday life is, what their dreams are. The six-day filming team consisted of the three settlements that were to be developed and arriving from a better mode neighborhood.

We introduced the films on November 17th 2017 in the locality of a residential forum, and they were also shown on local television.

Donor: European Social Fund / TOP-5.2.1-15

Term: 1. september 2017. – 31. august 2020.

Grant: 61 615 000 HUF


  • Dombóvár Város Önkormányzata (konzorcium vezető), Dombó-Land Térségfejlesztő Kft., Dombóvári Egyesített Humán Szolgáltató Intézmény