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Activate your community!

2016-11-01 -
Development Training

This project aims regions that are densely populated with disadvantaged groups, and where community co-operation can lead to dialogue and co-operation with public institutions. The main aim of the project is to make public services better and more accessible to the locals.

Our goal is to advance issues important to groups with weak advocacy capacity by strengthening and involving local communities. By this way we strengthen democratic practice, civic participation, and the culture of dialogue and cooperation.

In this project we work with coworkers who launch initiatives for Roma integration and on issues important to the local community, or who identify and work on health and education issues affecting Roma people.


  • Aparhant
  • Héhalom
  • Inárcs
  • Kerecsend
  • Pécs-Gyárváros
  • Pere
  • Szúcs
  • Tar
  • Tomor


Norbert Oláh
local roma coordinator
László Suha
local roma coordinator
Tamás Somoskői
local roma coordinator
Zsófia Tasnádi
local roma coordinator
Mária Szajkó
local roma coordinator
József Oláh
local roma coordinator
Tamás Mida
local roma coordinator


  • Open Society Foundations