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Knowledge base articles

The report has been prepared as part of the Roma Civil Monitor pilot project, ‘Capacitybuilding for Roma civil society and strengthening its involvement in the monitoring of National Roma Integration Strategies’. Civil society monitoring report on implementation of the national Roma integration strategies – 2017

Policy recommendations – Get Closer to Communities

Autonomia has run a small-scale research in the circle of the ‘Tanodas’ (extracurricular education projects) interviewing winner and rejected applicants of the scandalous Call for Proposal (EFOP 3.3.1-15). The aim of the small-scale research was to get a picture on the embedment and relationship to the local Roma communities of the operated and to-be-operating Tanodas. […]

Integrom_case study_2014_short

Summary and Evaluation   related program: Swiss-Hungarian NGO Block Grant and Scholarship Fund

Civil Society Monitoring Report – 2012